Givatayim: Israel’s Hidden Gem


Givatayim: Israel’s Hidden Gem

Located east of Tel Aviv and just 12km away from the Mediterranean Sea, Givatayim is an often overlooked Israeli city that is truly worth a visit. Long believed to be only a suburb of Tel Aviv, Givatayim has its own unique character that makes it a great destination in its own right.

This smaller city offers a quieter atmosphere and a slower pace of living than the bustling city of Tel Aviv. With tree-lined streets, idyllic gardens and parks, abundant accessibility, and more, Givatayim provides a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv.

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Givatayim was founded in 1921, and ever since, it has been known as ‘Israel’s garden city’ due to its abundance of green spaces, parks, and gardens. Givatayim is split into two distinct areas – Old Givatyim, where most of the historical attractions and neighborhoods can be found, and New Givatyim, where you’ll find modern developments and residential areas.

Givatayim is a city that has something to offer for everyone. For nature lovers, there’s the city’s numerous parks and gardens, such as the 16-acre Hadarim Park, which has outdoor and indoor activity options, massage treatments, and more. Additionally, the city offers plenty for history buffs, with sites like the old School of Mussar, the Academy of Hebrew Music and Poetry, and old homes from the British Mandate era still standing.

For those looking to experience local culture and cuisine, Givatayim has plenty to offer. The city is home to many excellent restaurants, bars, and coffee houses, as well as the famed Israel Cinema Center. Here, you’ll be able to experience classic Israeli fare as well as some international options. The local markets and stores also provide a great way to explore the Israeli culture and pick up some unique products.

The city of Givatayim is also home to many of Israel’s leading educational institutions, such as Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, and the Givatayim School of Technology. Givatayim’s educational culture and commitment to learning has made it a popular destination for foreign students.

Despite its many attractions, Givatayim remains off the beaten path of many travelers due to its close proximity to nearby Tel Aviv. But don’t let that be a deterrent. Givatayim has plenty to offer and makes for a great stop on any Israel itinerary. From its natural beauty to its cultural offerings, Givatayim is a hidden gem worth discovering.

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