Pampering Massage in Tel Aviv

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Pampering Massage in Tel Aviv

My name is Roy, and I’m a single guy living in Tel Aviv, I’m pretty much the type of guy who visits the beach all the time to tan and attend parties to hook up with drunk chicks.

I’ve been seeing this sexy Russian girl, her name is Anna, and I have never seen a girl more kinky than Anna…

While we have sex she likes to have a butt plug inside her, or just me going ham on her ass, she’s an absolute goddess and I couldn’t be happier with our sex life.

A few days ago, at around 10am, Anna asked me if I wanted to have some fun, and of course I said that I do, I started taking my clothes off, she giggled and said “no silly, I have a surprise for you, get dressed!”.

I was so confused but fuck it, I love surprises!!

We got into the car and she started driving with the navigation on, a place around 20 minutes away, I had no idea what to expect, but felt excitement overflow my body.

We arrived to a secluded building with a private parking spot, no one around, she parked the car and led me around the corner, “Dream Spa” said the sign.

We went inside and immediately I see the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen staring at us smiling.

“Hey I’m Mila!”, Anna looks at my stunned face, and says “Surprise baby, this is my friend Mila, she’s a pampering masseuse”.

I had no idea what that means but all I knew was I’m down for it… We got into the room, there was a massage bed, I got instructed to take off my clothes and gladly I obliged.

I laid on the bed and Mila and Anna started to rub my naked body and parts with a nice smooth oil, it made me so excited…

One thing led to another and both of them are naked on top of me, kissing each other passionately.

I never felt like a king before, until this moment…

Ever since me and Anna been doing this all the time, we’ve been having pampering massage all the time…

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