Sex work and experience


Sex work and experience

There is a question that people ask, is having experience in sex work good? Well, there are a number of jobs that demand and look an experienced professional for the job. Teaching, medicine, sales, cleaning and law, everywhere, they look for expertise and the first thing that your employer asks is that how much experience do you have in this particular job. The more experience you have, the more chances you have of getting the job. But in prostitution industry, it is a drawback. The more experience you have, the more chances of you not getting the job.

A client who comes to discreet apartments in Haifa or brothel, always demands for a young girl and there are a number of reasons of it. A young girl or in this case, a young escort girl is more active, sexually more active and her private parts are more likely to be in a good shape. Moreover, an escort girl or a sex worker who is young, in her twenties, is less likely to have any contagious disease that could harm the client. Also, there is always more demand of young escort girls and the client always pays more for a new or young escort girl. On the other hand, an old woman, who has been in this job for almost twenty years and is now in her forties, has very little chance of getting a client. The number one reason is that her private parts or vagina might not be healthy as compared to a young girl and also because she has more chances of having a serious disease like HIV because she has had sexual intercourse with so many men in her life. There is another reason and that is the most important, which is the fun or pleasure and there is less fun, pleasure or satisfaction in having sex with an old or experienced woman and these are reasons that experience in this field has drawbacks, instead of advantages.

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