Sex workers’ health problems


Sex workers’ health problems

Because of their work, sex workers or escort girls are at higher risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV, as compared to other women. Their risk of getting these kind of infections increases because of their work, it means that an escort girl has to have sex with many men in a single day. They might want to protect themselves or take care of themselves by using condoms or taking other precautionary measures but their clients can make it difficult for them. They might demand sex in the anus or vagina and refuse to use condoms. There are pretty good chances that they become violent, both physically and verbally, if a sex worker refuses to unsafe sex.

Some escort girls in Tel Aviv could be addicted to drugs and in this case, they might agree to have unsafe sex in exchange of some kind of drugs or extra money which could be very harmful for their health. As compared to any other woman, if a sex worker gets some kind of infection, there are chances that it get transmitted to their clients as well and that is why it is very important to have proper monthly or quarterly check-ups. The risk of getting these serious infections are higher in young escort girls because their genitals are not fully developed and there are more chances of genital parts to get injured during sex, especially if they are having sex with a grown or old man as compared to them.

Most of the time, escort girls or sex workers do not have proper knowledge or information regarding STDs or HIV, so they don’t get themselves tested and there are no proper health services for them because of people’s preconception about them and if they do go to a healthcare facility, there are chances that they might not get equal treatment or might be treated badly by the people working there.

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